Optovue Technology and “Firsts” in OCT

The founders and development team of Optovue have been developing devices based on OCT technology since 1993. Four OCT Time-Domain based systems and two Spectral (Fourier)-Domain systems later, we launched the Avanti (XR Avanti) SD-OCT platform in 2013.

The Avanti embodies many of the “Firsts” in SD-OCT development that Optovue has introduced to eye care, including the first FDA Cleared SD-OCT, 2-phase Noise Reduction, Mode switching to image the inner retina or the deep choroid, Choroid imaging and measurement, Anterior Segment imaging and measurement, GCC with FLV and GLV, Enface Analysis of 3D data, Pachymetry Mapping, Total Cornea Power measurement and more (See “18 TRUTHS” book).

The Avanti SD-OCT allows eye care practitioners at all levels to offer the most current technology, and stay ahead of clinical challenges with confidence. The forward thinking development encompassed in the Avanti also provides clinicians with the basis to move to the next level in clinical OCT utility… functional OCT.



Fast, Non-Invasive Imaging

The New Gold Standard in OCTA Imaging

Key features

  • Measure and Track Change in FAZ Area, Flow Area and Vessel Density
  • Visualize Vessels of the Retina and Choroid Non-Invasively
  • AngioVueHD 6x6mm Scan for Assessment Over a Wider Field of View
  • Personalize Your Approach to Each Patient by Imaging As Often As Needed
  • Choose AngioVue Comprehensive, Essential or Retina to Best Meet the Demands of Your Practice

Proven Performance

The AngioVue Imaging System has been installed in more practices worldwide and featured in more peer-reviewed publications than any other OCTA technology. With Optovue, you can trust you’re partnering with a company committed to industry-leading clinical education, technical support and product innovation.

Exclusive Technology

The AngioVue Imaging System uses the proprietary SSADA algorithm to produce stunningly detailed images and to minimize scan acquisition time. Optovue’s exclusive Motion Correction Technology (MCT™) reduces motion artifact, while 3D Projection Artifact Technology greatly improves OCTA image quality and enables accurate measurement and interpretation of OCTA images.

iVue80 & iFusion80
iVue80 & iFusion80

iVue80 & iFusion80

High-Speed OCT + Fundus Camera Option

Key features

  • 80,000 A-scans per second – 3x faster than the original iVue OCT
  • Simplified scan acquisition
  • New reports and wider field of view
  • High-resolution fundus and external photography – add iCam12 to iVue80 for enhanced diagnostic capability
  • Industry-exclusive Wellness scan – promote eye health and add a revenue stream to your practice

Comprehensive Imaging

The iVue®80 OCT is a powerful clinical tool that transforms the way you assess the retina, optic disc and the cornea. Quantify the thickness of the retina, nerve fiber layer, ganglion cell complex and the cornea. Track change and predict trends in RNFL and GCC thickness and precisely measure angles to aid in disease diagnosis.

Exclusive Wellness Scan

Take a new approach to protecting your patient’s eye health with the Wellness Exam. This quick and easy scan gives you an in-depth look at the health of your patient’s retina and ganglion cell complex with robust normative comparison, to help you identify signs of disease before they may be noticeable on clinical exam. And because the Wellness scan is separate from the iVue medically-billable scans, it provides a new revenue stream for the practice.

optovue iscan
optovue iscan


The OCT That Practically Runs Itself

Key features

  • Gain New Information on Ocular Structures with the Touch of a Button
  • NEW Pupil Alignment Technology Makes Scan Acquisition Quick and Easy
  • Fit iScan’s Space-Saving Design into Any Practice Setting
  • Enhance Your Eye Health Exam and Generate New Revenue with the Exclusive iWellness Scan

Fully-Featured OCT Made Easy

iScan OCT offers all of the scans available on a traditional OCT with the added benefit of simplified operation. Scan acquisition is as easy as positioning the patient with the assistance of iScan’s Pupil Alignment Technology, choosing the scan and pushing start. iScan performs all of the focus and alignment operations while talking the patient through the entire exam. With iScan, your office staff will want to run the OCT.

Space Saving Design

iScan is a tabletop system that is approximately the same size as a desktop computer, so any practice can find space for the system. iScan also features quick plug-and-play installation, making it a truly portable OCT system.

Ready to Upgrade Your Technology?