iCare Tonometers

iCare tonometers offer quick, easy and painless eye pressure measurement without the need for anesthesia or air. Measurements are obtained by a light probe that doesn’t cause corneal reflex, making it a more pleasant experience for both patients and practitioners.

iCare® tonometers are based on unique, patented rebound technology, in which a very light and small probe is used to make a momentary contact with the cornea.

No specialized skills are needed for its use and the quick and painless measurement is barely noticed by the patient. Anesthesia or inconvenient air puffs are not needed anymore in IOP measuring.

iCare IC100 Tonometer
iCare IC100 Tonometer

iCare IC100

iCare IC100 Tonometer – The Professional’s Choice

Key features

  • Easy to Use
  • Fast to Measure
  • No Drops, Air or Calibration Needed
  • Automated Measurement Sequence
  • Consistent and Repeatable
  • No Corneal Disruptions

iCare IC100 Tonometer for all eye care professionals

iCare IC100 is a reliable choice for all eye care professionals. With this tonometer, you can measure the intraocular pressure of patients in a sitting or standing position. Optometrists and ophthalmologists have successfully used IC100 for routine IOP measurement and glaucoma screenings, as measuring has never been more accessible – just load, align and measure.

iCare IC200 Tonometer
iCare IC200 Tonometer

iCare IC200

iCare IC200 Tonometer – introducing a new era in clinical tonometry

Key features

  • 200-degree position freedom
  • Suitable for all patients
  • Consistant and accurate readings
  • No drops, air, or calibration needed
  • No corneal disruptions
  • Sterile single use probe

iCare IC200 Tonometer with 200 degrees of positional freedom

iCare IC200 is the most versatile tonometer in iCare’s product portfolio. This premier device is designed for clinical use, ocular surgeries and emergency rooms.

iCare TA01i Tonometer
iCare TA01i Tonometer

iCare TA01i

iCare TA01i Tonometer “The Original”

Key features

  • Quick to measure
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Consistent and repeatable
  • No Drops, Air or Calibration Needed
  • No Corneal Disruptions

iCare TA01i Tonometer for quick and easy IOP measurement

iCare TA01i is the first rebound tonometer introduced to the world by iCare. The “Original” tonometer is the right choice for a reliable basic device. The ease of use makes it an important instrument for general practitioners, optometrists, occupational health care, pharmacies and other medical personnel. It is useful for adult and pediatric readings in clinics, mission trips and outreach facilities.

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