About Steve Kidwell

Steve Kidwell has 24 years experience in the Ophthalmic Industry in sales and consulting services. Steve is well known for his wide range of experience and knowledge in Ophthalmic Technology products. Steve started his career with Marco Technologies which soon led to development of the leading HIGH TECH equipment distributor in the Midwest. With thousands of clients Steve continues to look for the latest solutions to help doctors increase patient care and maximize profits. In his free time Steve loves to play guitar, golf, dabble in Real Estate and hang with the family. He is a proud husband and father of two great girls.

Why Work with Steve?

Working with Steve means working with a partner dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to succeed.  He’ll look at your practice with a unique, individualized perspective, which allows him to develop customized solutions to help you improve your practice.

In the past, Steve has helped doctors improve their operations in four main areas:

  • Patient Flow & Office Efficiency
  • Cash Flow & Profitability
  • Quality of Care
  • Patient Retention

Above all else, Steve is committed to helping you provide the best possible care to your patients in a way that makes practical and financial sense for your practice.  Whether you’re interested in a specific piece of technology or are simply looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your office, Steve is happy to evaluate your practice and give you new insights on your path forward.

About Our Partners: Helping Doctors, Helping Patients

We’re proud to carry the finest line of diagnostic and therapeutic products for eye care practices in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska.

Steve Kidwell gives extensive consideration to more than just the quality of a product before he decides to partner with a new manufacturer; that’s because of his commitment to make sure any product he recommends to a customer is the right choice for their practice. It’s not just about how well it functions — there are other factors involved, including:

  • Are the products constructed with consistent quality?
  • Are they built on a dynamic platform that increases the lifetime value for the practitioner?
  • Is the company committed to responding to customer feedback and making continuous improvement?
  • Does the manufacturer have the capacity for top-notch customer support?

Steve’s wealth of experience in the industry has given him the ability to assess a partnership based on the potential it has to achieve key goals for his customer — improving efficiency, profitability, and patient care.

Steve Kidwell

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